Atrocities Against Women in All Stages and Walks of Life: A Presentation

A presentation I made along with Kushagra Agarwal for the Silver Jubilee Memorial Multimedia Competition 2013 at Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer. This presentation won the second prize among entries from 11 participating schools from all over India.

Pencil Sketch by Kaushik Kundu, Mayo College, Ajmer
‘Paradise’ Girl Artist: Ivy Khati
Statistics from Reuters, NDTV and The Hindu

Audio Credits:
‘Paradise’ from the album Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay
‘Maa’ voiceover from ‘Save the Girl Child’
Womb music from ‘The Baby in the Womb’
Assorted music from ‘Moksh – Eve Teasing and Sexual Harassment’
Last clip music from ‘Day of the Girl’