Use the following form to contact me. I will reply within a day or two. If this is not convenient for you, scroll down for other ways to contact me.

You can always reach me through these sources:

E-mail Address: mridul [dot] godha [at] live [dot] com
Twitter: @mridulgodha
Snail Mail: Mridul Godha, BT House, Mayo College, Ajmer 305008 Rajasthan (India)


6 comments on “Contact

  1. Pranav Darshan says:

    Nice blog uve made….

  2. It’s a great blog!!!
    Good Work!!!

  3. ALISHA says:

    An aesthetically crafted blog……telling toil and thorough meticulousness are lucidly reflected……….hats off! I wish the purpose of this endeavour gets hastily fulfilled……all the best!

  4. priyanka says:

    Wow, this letter is worth reading, I have read this for almost 50 times but 50 times is also less for me!!
    Amazing and Splendid work!!!
    Great work
    Keep going!

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