About Me


I joined Mayo College in the April of 2005. This is perhaps the biggest hallmark in my life. During my years at Mayo I have transformed from a timid, shy and conserved boy to a confident, outspoken and thoughtful individual. Through these years, I have not only developed interests in various fields such as music, theater, literature and writing but also worked meticulously at improving my skills. I have taken advantage of every opportunity that has come my way to grow as an individual.

I am an avid reader. Without reading once in a day, I find it difficult to fall asleep. I enjoy reading prose. I haven’t read many books of any particular author, therefore I can’t say I have favourites, but I do enjoy reading something new and different. I only started reading in school, and with my desire to read was also born a desire to write. I am on the editorial board of the flagship publication of the School, Mayoor, (a newsletter). At the end of my fourth year at Mayo, I began a weekly magazine at Mayo College called The Mayo Mail. With the help and support of my friends and teachers, I have, in these years working on The Mayo Mail, edited and formatted articles, interviewed eminent people, designed the four page supplement and written reviews and view-points. I began debating in Class 7 and after some embarassing inter-house performances and a set of laughable inter-school experiences, I have managed to improve and climb up to become the lead speaker of Mayo’s Debating Team.  I also like to edit pictures to make them better before showing them to the world, but that is more for a personal reason.

My going to Mayo has aided me to grow in many ways. First, it taught me to manage my time effectively for I believe in ‘Duty Before Self.’ The only way I could live up to my own expectations was by learning to adapt and juggle around with many responsibilities at the same time. Second, the event taught me how to lead, and that leading was not about throwing one’s weight around, but instead being firm yet compassionate when required. It helped me work on human relations and also helped me understand people better. In my tenure as a Mayoite, I have experimented with traditions in School and learnt to voice my opinions no matter how against the popular belief they are. I am now a confident speaker, able to speak in front of large gatherings without any hesitation.

All this said as an individual, I think it is important to be both humble and polite to everyone. It is also important to make friends, for without them there is emptiness in one’s life. One must learn how to criticize and correct oneself, and that is what I do. I am always open to constructive criticism and am always ready to learn. This is to say, I like to live life, not just to breathe.