An Open Letter To Mayo College

Mayo College

Dear Mayo,

I hate you. I always imagined that my departure from your portals would be one of those slow, dramatic ones we see in the movies: Me, in the backseat of my car, heading towards the station to be a part of the celebrated Shatabdi trip one last time, with my school leaving certificate and fond memories, resisting the urge to turn and look for you through the window. Me, with my school leaving certificate and fond memories, wondering if you would watch me go. And hoping you would.

But now I know you will not watch me go at all. Rather, you would be happily preparing for a new crowd: guileless young lads and parents and mountains of their steel trunks. Lads ready to fill my place, my study, my class, my School. Now I know that you will move on. And I hate you for that.

They say your first love is your most memorable one. They lie. You are my first love, but nothing is so memorable about you. Not those evenings when I enjoyed preparing for the Prize Giving play while the rest of the School took their Half Yearlies. Not that wonderful moment when I lifted the Gibson Debate trophy for the School. Neither those lip smacking ‘dabba parties’ that you gave me all the time nor those sleepless nights I spentas a Junior School boy when I was told about Lord Mayo’s ghost trails.The Socials with Mayo Girls, not them.The privileges of finally being shifted into the Black Square, not them.

Do you not know how badly I am smitten by you? With the silhouette of your Main Building, the fragrance of your Mughal Garden, the strength of your Bikaner Pavilion, and the joy of a Mayo Round?

Mayo, I could never make you mine, for the way your desks pulsated with one thousand fingerprints. As if every wall had been leaned upon before, and every doorknob clutched. I could never own you, what with the glorious history the Old Boys left for me to emulate?

When I come back to visit you, would you recognize me? Would the peacocks still stand unafraid, when I walk past them, sensing a familiar face? Will they still serve me delicious butter paneer (yes, I’m a vegetarian) in the dining halls as if I’m their own child? Would I still be applauded and cheered for,for every small achievement in the grand Assembly Hall? Would the Music School still welcome me with arms wide open and cajole me into playing a string here, a chord there, to compose a song, a song as beautiful and melodious as you?

It’s been nine years since we first met, and today you are no longer a campus to me, or an institution or any collection of textbooks. You are a person. A person I would like to tighten my arms around. But I still hate you, for giving me beautiful people only to take them away, for putting me under the arc lights and quietly slipping away. For giving me the chance to mimic my seniors during the house farewells only to be mimicked today. For teaching me how to live life, not just to breathe.

Alright then, stop teasing me now, I accept it. Each day I love you more Mayo, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

Yours, always,


(Inspiration: Thought Catalog)


39 comments on “An Open Letter To Mayo College

  1. Dinesh Bhatnagar says:

    Brilliantly put Mridul! You echo the feelings of all Old Boys. Keep the flag flying young fellow!!

  2. Achint Mathur says:

    Superbly expressed Mridul, I firmly believe that the feeling is mutual in each one of us. Cheers

  3. lake of love .. for mayo from a mayoite ..kicking the alive spirit ..cheers mridul

  4. Brilliantly written Mridul!!
    Good work!!

  5. sunil g shah says:

    superb, great feeling penned down, am still in love with Mayo

  6. randhir sinh says:

    Very well written Mridul. I was there for the Prize Giving for our Golden Jubilee Reunion. You have a very bright future. Advise of an old man? Never lose the core of your idealism. You will never go wrong. All the best

  7. Abhinav Thakur says:

    Very well written Mridul. Keep up the awesome work.

  8. Nice one Mridul! I guess every one who ever stepped in the campus feels the same! Mayo will always be very dear to all of us!

  9. And everyone who ever truly loved the bold view of the main building is right now in tears, remembering their moments at Mayo that they wish never would have ended..!

  10. Siddharth Rathore says:


  11. tejas Singh says:

    So glad i could read this. Thankyou for always being an inspiration to me mridul.
    Really well written.

  12. Pranav Karwa says:

    Was an absolute pleasure reading it! Very well written.

  13. sudhir singh parihar says:

    very well written mridul….all i can say is …..GO BT(reminiscent of iconic “black square”,for i and my younger brother are also ex BT,and yes my son prithvi is in BT House)…and GO MAYO..Good wishes for your bright future… sudhir singh ex 1983

  14. Satya Johri says:

    You are right Mridul – there are a lot there like you and me who Love Mayo and want it to be an exclusive affair too!

  15. Beautifully put Mridul, as always. So true to the feeling of each Mayoite. But it’s hard to believe you’re an Old Boy now, still remember you as that 7th grader who was as scrawny as me and loved teasing you with your REAL first love- Mr.H ;) But I’m so proud of you. You’ve got heavy shoulders now, you must carry on the same image further. I shall drop you a mail soon :) Again, well written. And congratulations. And good luck for what’s coming ahead.

  16. Girija Das - Batch of 1974 ( B.T. House ) says:

    Congratulations , you have brilliantly expressed the emotions of every Mayoite .

  17. ananya nanda says:

    Mridul, once again, I am taken away.
    Wonderful to read something so different but about the same things that millions say.

  18. Brilliantly written. Full of emotions with a tinge of sarcasm makes this letter a complete expression of every mayoites feelings. Good job. :)

  19. Mahavir Singh Verma (ex - 101) says:

    Great. You have expressed your feelings aptly.

  20. Priti Bahety says:

    Hi Mridul,
    I am mother of Madhav Bahety
    Head boy(2018-19batch)
    He was junior to you .
    We witnessed the PG when you were accoladed the honour .
    I found you to be so humble and an ideal boy to whom your juniors could look up to for inspiration .
    I felt so proud for your parents too n could feel what they felt as the chief guest of the events when we were doing teh same this P.G
    Wish you all the success in life for whatever you do .
    God bless you.

  21. Shubhendu Singh says:

    Very well written brother!!

  22. Sujata Chauhan says:

    How beautifully expressed, a feeling of every mayoite,it just brought back a plethora of memories…. Nostalgic!!!!!

  23. kidskinetics says:

    very well written the feeling of an ex Mayoite. Lord Mayo’s ghost still stays there n peacocks still shows familiarity with a mayoite.

  24. Well stated. I am Mayo proud!!

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