Straight Trees Are Cut First – Turncoat Debate

This was my speech for the Turncoat Round of the Eighteenth Gibson Memorial Debates at Mayo College, Ajmer. I was adjudged the best speaker of this round which had a total of 12 speakers.

Turncoat DebateFOR

With your permission honourable chair, my warm greetings to all present here. “Straight trees are cut first”, said Chanakya. How right was he! Straight trees are cut first. Honest people are victimized first.A person shouldn’t be too honest.

In today’s fiercely competitive, ferociously dishonest and lecherously cunning world, one who is honest and truthful is a lone lamb. And well, it’s always better to be part of the pack than to be a loner, isn’t it?

It is because straight trees are being cut first that honesty is dying out. The times are so wicked that if you break a glass in your class and your teacher asks you to own up, you will be called a fool if you do own up. Today, you need to be as humble as a dove but at the same time as cunning as a serpent. A lie that yields the good to others is truth itself. In fact, it’s better than the truth.

Be honest till your honesty is not taken as gullibility and weakness. Be kind till you are not affected, but when in Rome, do as the Romans did. Come to think of it, Ladies and Gentlemen, straight trees are cut first, right? If all the trees in the world tilted themselves, there will be a reduction in deforestation too. Eco-friendly, isn’t it?


But Ladies and Gentlemen, in a world where the youth are told to rise against the wrong, fight for their rights and bring about a positive change, how obnoxious and morally wicked it is to believe or think that straight trees are cut first!

You have two computers at your home, one that works perfectly fine and the other that is corrupt and jammed with viruses. Which computer will you dispose first? The latter of course. Well, this is how our nature and our lives work. Today the foundation of our society stands on its ethics and its morals and hence the validity of truth and honesty is unquestionable. Honesty works sometimes, but dishonesty never does.

I am here to support the hard right and not the easy wrong.

Do I need to remind you who won the battle of the right and wrong in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata? Had Lord Ram, on virtue of being a straight tree got cut first, how would he have survived to finish the evil?

Had Mahatma Gandhi, on virtue of being a straight tree, got slashed first, how would he have survived to give us an independent India? Ditto for Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln and so many people.

Times are bad Ladies and Gentlemen, and the road of truth is the road not taken, I understand. But you know what? In this time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. So do you plan to bring out a revolution in the world or just sit there and lament ‘straight trees are cut first’? You decide. Thank you.



2 comments on “Straight Trees Are Cut First – Turncoat Debate

  1. yakeen says:

    was good and helped a lot

  2. Parishkrit says:

    It was absolutely good

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