The Best Way to Make Targets

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During my regular internet surfing sessions I came across a popular game called Dairy Dash. The game itself is mediocre but one of its features immediately caught my attention. The game encourages the player to reach a set target in each of its level, and if you are an expert, it gives you an additional ‘expert target’ which is rather difficult to reach.

Setting Targets

All of us have the habit of setting targets or benchmarks for almost all purposes. Planning is essential for a better yield and it is important to set and reach targets for continuous improvement. I think that the idea from Dairy Dash can successfully be incorporated into our lives. We too can make two separate targets to reach a particular benchmark and make sure we reach at least the first one everytime. The second one should be a harder one which, if reached, can be a clear sign of improvement. Read on:

Primary Target

The primary target needs to be one where you are sure that you can fairly easily reach a benchmark. For example, if you scored 70/100 in Maths the last time, you can primarily target a score of 80/100 this time. Also, you must make it mandatory for yourself to reach at least this score so that the next time you can opt for a better one. Make sure you customize your routine and commitments to match your primary target.

Expert Target

This target should be a little bit higher than the primary one. It should require much more hard work and time to be reached. In the above example, you can take 90/100 to be the expert target. It should not be necessary to reach the expert target, though if you are able to cross this line, you can celebrate as you have actually been able to improve vastly.


Planning is only a way to enhance and organize your daily life for better results. The way above is easy to incorporate. Do let me know if you have better ideas relating to setting targets.


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