5 Of My Favorite Board/Card Games

After a mundane monotonous day, when you feel like letting go (and when the idiot box no more satisfies your needs), you may occasionally feel like having a quick game of Monopoly with your friends and family. Here, I list my five favourite board/card games. I love them because they can make you happy and help you easily forget things you don’t wish to think about.

My favourite versions are those which have electronic 'credit card' money system.


You may not be dominating your business field…but  come on, you can surely dominate your Monopoly game board! This game is rated as the top by almost everyone I know. Moreover, it has released several online and PC games which have only made more and more people play it. As a very young kid, I learnt about buying, selling and mortgaging from Monopoly. Several versions of Monopoly have been released. My favourite ones are those which have electronic ‘credit card’ money system.
Guess Who?

My favorite character is Bill...which one is yours?

Guess Who?

I love this game! Totally. Years ago I picked it up from one of the stores because of its funny looking faces. This game too requires experience and luck because with time you become familiar with its faces and amusing characters. My favourite one would have to be Bill who is the cutest of them all with his rugby ball shaped face and a grin. Which is your favorite character?



UNO's Facebook game is very popular.


The most interesting card game…especially for boarding school guys like me. The best part about this game is that there is no ‘setup’ required – pick the cards and start playing! Another great thing is that the games are usually short as there are no logistics required. UNO is portable and enjoyable. UNO’s Facebook game is also very popular especially because it enables you to play with real players around the world while chatting with them in an interactive interface. You can possibly never get bored of it. And of course, UNO is for all…and all are for UNO!



A Cluedo game is time consuming and requires at least four players.


The USP about this interesting murder-myster solving game is that it requires a stable mind more then luck. Quite obviously, it is not for the kids. A peculiar Cluedo game is time consuming but interesting as long as you are not playing merely for ‘entertainment’. You cannot play it for passing time. Also, you cannot play Cluedo regularly as you are bound to get bored with it. Also, it requires at least four players for a game…I’ve heard of a PC version too, though I haven’t played it yet.


Governor of Poker

I recommend Governor of Poker, my favorite online Poker game.


Before you come to any conclusions, no Sir, I don’t like betting. In fact, I have pretty much everytime played Poker only on the Internet. I make sure that my fun is only at the cost of virtual money! From the many many Pokers available online, I would recommend Governor of Poker. Its new version called Governor of Poker 2 is definitely better.Here too, you can play with real people around the world and chat with them. Beware, it’s addicting! 

 This topic is obviously subjective. Do let me know about your favorite games, I would love to try them out and perhaps make corrections in this list!

All photos courtesy: Google Images


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