It’s time for Baba’s Crusade!

Baba Ramdev

This cartoon was published yesterday in the TOI.

Yes! It’s that time of the year again! After a memorable ‘Anna’s Crusade’, today we’ve begun ‘Baba’s Crusade’!

Today, Baba Ramdev began his fast and thousands joined him against his fight against black money and corruption. The entire country knows about it and each person has different opinions about it. Indian media is all happy nowadays. They have so much to talk about! Be it scams, black money, CWG, pakistan, obama, osama, anna and now our very own baba ramdev!

Since last few years, I heard a lot about him entering politics and I hoped he would not. He hasn’t still, but I totally agree with Shah Rukh Khan when he says that one should do his own job and not think of attaining something else by taking advantage of it…although I advise SRK to stop publicly detesting Baba otherwise he would fall into a big controversy. That’s the problem with incredible india, you may speak against the country, but you just cannot speak against the public figures ’cause you will land into trouble. As such, who knows what the Baba wants. But still, why start this fast? Tomorrow, many a wannabe people will start fasting unto death…what will the government do then? Instead, why not form groups and fight against crimes logically…why this emotional drama?

I can only say that this is probably the biggest weak point of India. Can’t we get united instead by supporting the government rules? Can we all say that we are perfect enough to fight against corruption…(or are we corrupt ourselves?). There is still a long time left before India actually becomes a superpower. The very first condition is coordination which is way difficult to achieve at this moment…

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