Looking back…

With Rananjai

With Rananjai Singh on the 12th class farewell night.

I was thinking about my last term at Mayo College when I bumped upon this picture on Facebook that one of my friends had so kindly tagged. It reminded me of one of the best seniors I ever encountered – Rananjai Singh. He is a completely different person. His friendliness and brotherly attitude continues to inspire me even today when he has passed out of the school.

I can only say that there are very few people who can actually do what they think is correct. Most of us get driven by our peers and do what the ‘other guys’ think is right. Any society has its own goods and bads…and the person who stands out of the crowd is he who takes all goods of the society and subtracts the bads at the same time…and needless to say, there are few such people. I have had the privilege to meet many of such people. I try to be like them…and make my own rules. (But rules are meant to be broken! :P). Well…sadly, it’s really difficult to follow what you decide every time. I hope I am able to do that sometime!

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