Being 15. Bleed Blue!

Indian Cricket Team plays a really important match today. The World Cup final match between India and Sri Lanka has already started and India’s fielding looks as impressive as the Semi Final match with Pakistan. There was a stir with the toss. The toss was held twice because, apparently, the official who flips the coin couldn’t hear what the captain asked for. The re-toss was won by Sri Lanka so they are batting first. This event has already become a controversy, at least on the internet.

I am currently watching the match online and in the evening, I will watch the second innings on the big screen at the Bikaner Pavilion till the end with the entire school.

A lot of people wished me a Happy Birthday today, on Facebook, mail and of course by birthday bumps. I am really happy and look forward to making a new start to my 15th year on earth.


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