An amazing experience…

I wrote this mail to my parents. Here is a copy of the Mail:

from: mridul godha

to: family

date: march 30

Mrs. Scheherazade Ahmed and Mrs. Dilnaz Avari from Lyceum School, Karachi, Pakistan. This photo was taken when they finally entered Shatabdi.

Today I interviewed two Pakistani lady teachers. They came here for exploring possibilities of an Indo-Pak exchange. A really funny thing happened but I will never forget this incident.

When we reached the Guest House for taking their interview, they had come out with their luggage and we were horrified to know that they are taking the Shatabdi at 3.50 PM (we reached their at 3.15PM). My teacher told us to get inside the car and take the interview while we drove to the station. This was a first-of-a-kind experience.
So we interviewed them and everything went good until we reached the station. When we got in the station to park the car, one of the teachers asked about the tickets. Both of them were not quite sure about where the tickets were as they had packed their luggage in a hurry. They started opening all their purses, suitcases and bags (they had lots of them!) and couldn’t find them. Below my seat was a bag. I picked it up and asked whether their ticket was inside it. They said that I shouldn’t touch that bag as it had their footwear in it. When I kept the bag back, something came out of it. Whoah! It was the ticket! They thanked me a lot. At that time it was 3.48PM! We rushed into the station and kept all the luggage inside the nearest coach we found. The train began moving as soon as they got in. I was lucky enough to take a good photograph of these ladies.

Now let me tell you why I am most amazed and inspired by them. Their interview was amazing, they have BIG plans and are really wanting to unite the two countries. They are highly respected teachers of Pakistan and have direct contacts with the US and UK authorities but their down-to-earth attitude is commendable. One most important thing was this. When their tickets were almost lost and couldn’t be found, they had no frowns on their faces. They were soooo calm that I was more worried then them about their tickets. And amazingly, one of the ladies kept encouraging me to do something good and be positive even when she was searching for the tickets. I was really amazed. But it was probably their positivity that made them find the ticket at a perfect time. They kept telling that Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti wants them to stay back in Ajmer for some more time!

Today I learned a lot of things. And I noticed an all new level of patience that people can have…

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