What I think about CCE: CBSE’s latest experiment

I was surprised the other day when for the first time in my life I got the highest marks in my class in Geography…Okay, not marks but grades, and ‘Specsy’ – as our class topper is called – sat weeping in a corner ‘coz he couldn’t believe he got a B1.

CCE: CBSE's latest blunder?

CCE: CBSE’s latest blunder?

I am a loafer, that’s what I’ve always believed. I am a useless, good-for-nothing backbencher who likes drawing animes instead of writing creepy notes and loves eating and sleeping at all other times. Making a hand drawn map of India was not a big task for me, but in the end it fetched me an A1. On the other hand, Specsy and many others sat perplexed and wondered whether making a map was actually possible. I felt confused. CCE has slapped us on our right cheeks and cuddled us on our left cheeks.

I have a bad habit (that’s what my class teacher says) of grinning at teachers when they ask me for my homework and then looking at teachers grinning at me when they are filling up my marks on the register! But that day, my Geog. Teacher bluntly announced, ‘I feel excruciatingly painful when I give an A1 to a boy with such an intimidating attitude, but I am helpless.’ I guessed that the professor had apparently quoted one of the dialogues from a Shakespearean play with all those Thou, Thee, et al, I later realized that I was the culprit behind his dynamic dialogue…and wondered why.

CCE is a good start. It is a change which is gradually evolving. Not going with the cliché, my only opinion about CCE is let’s not change the classroom activities to art classes. Teachers should join hands and decrease the burden of their pupils. The HRD Ministry deserves an applaud for constructing a ‘No-FAIL-System’, but even CCE has its own cons which need to be checked through discussions with children, teachers, experts and administrators.


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